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So naturally when you visit any website or online store you have so many questions running through your head. You click through all the different pages on the site trying to solve your many questions. Yet you rarely manage to find exactly what you are looking for.... I thought  I would try and tackle that challenge right here in this page... Of course more questions and answers will be added over time......

Lets get started shall we?

Question 1. Where are you located?

So due to my website being created in Australia there has been a small amount of confusion as to where I am currently loCated. I lived and worked in Australia for about a year and then returned to Greece in early 2016. This means that sometimes it may seem that my shop is located in Australia.
My shop is located in Greece. All items are shipped from Greece, more info below.

Question 2. From where and how do you ship your items?

All items are shipped from my local post office in Astakos, Greece. I use plenty of bubble wrap and classic brown envelopes to ensure safe yet economical shipping!

Question 3. How long will it take for my order to arrive? What is your turnaround?

From the moment you place your order it usually takes me about 5 days to prepare your items. Then depending on the day of the week I head out to the post office. Turnaround is no longer than 2 weeks. During peek seasons of course it can reach 3 weeks but very rarely.
From the moment I ship your order it usually takes 5-10 days for European Countries and 15-25 days for USA and other countries. There have been instances when a package has arrived in less than this however I prefer to offer the longest possibilities.

Question 4. I am ordering from Greece. Are there other means of payment other than via PayPal or Credit Card?

So due to the capital Control still being in place in Greece I am more than happy to provide alternate payment methods for customers within the country. Simply send me a message or email and I will help you accordingly.

Για όσους κάνουν παραγγελεία εντός Ελλάδος μπορούν απλώς να μου στείλουν εναν μήνυμα στην διεύθηνση  email μου και θα σας κατευθείνω αναλόγως για κάνετε την πληρωμή.