Beautiful and Odd Christmas Trees

Beautiful and Odd Christmas Trees

Hello everyone!

I am really excited about this Christmas. I mean it is the last Christmas that me and my Husband will be spending as a duo. Next year we will be decorating and having fun with our daughter!

Other than that though.....decorations! Lights and colors and trees! I love the whole thing. Since I was little I loved spending my December evening sitting by the Christmas tree, sipping some hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies.

Now another great thing about the Holiday season is seeing all the different ways people decide to decorate. It could be really minimal or nothing at all. Then again it could be really glamorous and over the top!

I mean look at these beautiful trees. They are the kind of decoration that you know a designer had to have helped out with. I really love the one with the blue ribbons crossed over the tree. What an interesting decorative choice. The other two are lovely as well though!

Lovely Christmas Trees Decorated

And then of course you have your over the top where you can imagine a bunch of little children dancing around excitedly. I mean how many candy canes can someone fit on a single tree? Still they are oddly pretty in their own capacity.

Odd yet sweet Christmas Trees

I really had to add this last one. I came across it the other day and it just stuck with me. I mean I am a huge Harry Potter fan myself. I have read all the books and watched all the movies. I practically grew up with Harry Potter. But I would have never thought of decorating my Christmas Tree with a Harry Potter theme.

Harry Potter Themed Decorations on a Christmas Tree

That is all my friends....

I will see you (or read you...) next week!



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