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The Latest of the Bear

Ice Cream Cake: Actually Cake That Looks Like Ice Cream


The sun is shining and the air smells of sunscreen... Summer is here and there is no denying it... So naturally, the number one treat on everyone's mind is........ ICE CREAM! And then if you are like me and you spend way too much time on Pinterest and Instagram... Find me @thefaidrinbear by the way... :) shameless plug... Your brain follows a path of distruction paved with thoughts such cream cake...cake that looks like ice cream... Yes you guessed are some of my favorite ice cream impersonating cakes....     And now I am off to eat...

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"Life Without Chocolate" : Is Carrot Cake Actually Cake?

June Life Without Chocolate

Hello, lovelies... I am back with a bit of a question for you... As I have said several times...and will continue to say until it is not a thing.... I can't eat least not an amount that would satisfy my chocoholic little heart... So the other day my mother suggested making me a Carrot Cake... The thought of cake being made with carrot didn't appeal to my idea of cake at all... How could a yummy sweet cake be made using none other than a carrot... So I decided to fall into yet another bottomless hole and turned to...

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"Foodie Trends": Unicorns and Rainbows

Foodie Trends June

I have to say one of the cutest and most colorful trends lately is the Unicorn Cake trend! I love it! I mean who doesn't love Unicorns and cakes....and when they become one it is even better.... So naturally, I had to go ahead and find the best Unicorn Cakes the interwebs have to offer.... I have to say I love the way different people have taken one common theme and created so many different creations. Here are some of the best classic Unicorn Cakes I found: Then I naturally fell into a hole of cakes, cupcakes, macarons and anything...

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"Life Without Chocolate" : The Best Cinammon Tea Cake Ever!

Life Without Chocolate May

So as I mentioned adorable baby girl does not take very well to chocolate... To be more precise she does not sleep at all.... Zero sleep all day... And plenty of tears at night until she finally falls asleep... So I have found a sweet alternative to my favorite chocolate cake... Cinnamon Tea Cake.... This is one of my favorite recipes...Simple Cinnamon Tea Cake You can not believe how fluffy and delicious this super simple cake is.... I am in love with it! Give it a try and tell me your thoughts.... Until then... Bye Loves Athina  

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"Life Without Chocolate" : The new series that is my life!

So as it is clear to see....I haven't been keeping up to speed with my blogging game. I know I know....I made promises that I couldn't keep.  You would think having a baby would make me a little more aware of the things I couldn't....Right? Yeah...not happening. I am still insisting on getting back into blogging at least once a week. I loved doing it and I will fight for that as long as I can.... Too dramatic? Well, anyway.... I was thinking that maybe the way to get back into blogging was to make it a little more

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