Business and Life Update!

Business and Life Update!

Hello .... um everyone? (the awkward moment when you don't know how to speak to your readers and customers because it's been THAT long)

Sooo, I have been absent from this blog for way too long. Of course considering the little "creation" coming in February I should be forgiven...right?

First things first.....when I say "creation". This little one is and will be my most cherished creation...when I meet said "creation" that is. If you guessed it yay! I am pregnant! Me and my husband are expecting our first baby and we are over the moon. I am of course secretly hoping baby likes playing with clay (like mama of course) and yet daddy thinks the best hobby will be working in the shed.... It is to be seen...

In secondary news now... (look at me separating the importance of news, so proud of myself). I have so many plans for this space. I have been so busy working on the "shop" part of the website I kind of forgot that there are other "rooms" to tend to as well.  So I decided to take advantage of the energy boost I am just now getting (after 4 long months of EXTREME fatigue) and will work on making a habit out of blogging. I am thinking once a week to start and then we can go from there...? This also remains to be seen....

So in the hopes that we shall see each other again in this blog - sphere of a world....


See you soon :)



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