Christmas-decked Cupcakes! ~ Awesome cupcake recipes for the holidays!

Christmas-decked Cupcakes! ~ Awesome cupcake recipes for the holidays!

Hello my Foodie Friends!

Don't you just love Christmas?

I think it is one of the greatest holidays of all! I mean it is the best excuse to make and eat the most perfect treats and goodies. It is also the holiday that gives you so many ideas when it comes to decorating those goodie we mentioned.

Now you all know I love me some cupcake. And not just the miniature kind. I mean don't get me wrong I love my Cupcake Necklace.... but the sensation of biting into the creamy chocolate and soft cake....oh my....pregnancy problems don't mind me.

Anyway, moving on shall we. I went ahead and gathered some super cute cupcakes to show you guys! People can get so inventive when it comes to the Holidays!

I mean there are so many Christmas Tree themes cupcakes I couldn't decide which was my favorite. I mean would it be this "Christmas Tree Pumpkin Cupcake" or maybe this "Double Choc Chip Christmas Tree Cupcake" or perhaps this "Mini Christmas Tree Cupcakes".

Christmas Cupcake Recipes

And they actually keep getting cuter and cuter I mean look at these "Christmas Tree Cupcakes" or these "Christmas Tree Brownie Cupcakes"

Cute Christmas Cupcakes

Then as if that isn't enough you have these "Santa Down the Chimney Cupcakes" followed by "Grinch Cupcakes" and these incredible "Reindeer Cupcakes" to top them off!

Funny Christmas Cupcakes

That is it I cannot go on. I am off to make my self some cupcakes!

I will see you guys next week....Bye!!


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