Christmas Is All About Gingerbread

Christmas Is All About Gingerbread

Hey guys! Christmas is here isn't it? Christmas trees popping up all over the place. People are decorating their homes and shops are pulling out all the Christmas goodness they can!

Now I am sure after my Halloween post on Gingerbread houses you knew this post was coming. You knew I had to talk about Christmas Gingerbread Houses and Men and all the tasty goodness of them!

So I was looking into the vast selection of Gingerbread goodness and came across some super cute and some incredibly awesome creations that I had to without further ado...

I of course started from some classic gingerbread men. Of course this "Spiced Gingerbread Man" recipe soon led to "Gingerbread Cupcakes" and then the cutest little "Gingerbread Houses" ever!!!!

Classic Gingerbread recipes for christmas

 Then it was like a snowball from there. I came across the cutest "Pink Sugary Gingerbread House" as well as a candy covered "Chocolate Gingerbread House"!!! And I even came across a "Beach Shack Gingerbread House"!! Now I didn't see that one coming.

After that the masterpieces started flooding my screen. I mean literal art that I would definitely not be able to eat.

Gingerbread house masterpieces

And I am going to make myself stop right there. I could actually go on and on for ages. There are so many different and incredible creations out there.

Anyway I hope you guys have a lovely day and enjoyed this yummy post. I will see you next week :)



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