Christmas Sale Update ~ How Is It Going?

Christmas Sale Update ~ How Is It Going?

Hello everyone! It's been one of those weeks. Just down right weird and extremely busy.

I suppose I am happy to be busy but I do wish I didn't have the weird feelings. Anyway, its what makes us human I suppose (plus some crazy pregnancy hormones included in the mix).

So I wanted to write a small update in regards to our sale. It has been crazy. In many different ways. Orders as well as interesting requests in regards to the products and prices. Very interesting.

We are selling a ton of cupcakes and I have actually been put in the difficult position of telling customers i can't make special items for them. I have said so many times that once a style sells out that is it. It hasn't been understood as it would seem.

I have made minor exceptions where I see fit but for the most part we are selling at a very good rate. I know people will probably start shopping more as Black Friday comes closer so I am saving my strengths. I have to say earrings are very popular apparently and so are key chain versions of my charms.

So I am really happy with how the sale is going. Also I am contemplating maybe allowing a small collection of oldie into the 2017 collection set. I will think about it. :)

Until next week....look after yourselves and always smile!



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