Creepy and Crawly Treats this Halloween!

Creepy and Crawly Treats this Halloween!

Hello my Spooky Sweet Friends....(smiles proudly because she managed to start writing her second blog post in a row ever!!)

October is well under way and fall is literally in full the extent of me having a terrible cold on top of it all. However we shall not give up and shall persevere! Soo as always when I am not feeling my best I hang out with my dear friend.....Pinterest. Ah the things that can happen when we meet are inexplicable! I will give you an idea though...

So as you may or may not have imagined Pinterest is my main inspiration board, my wing-man in design ideas, my associate who doesn't need a paycheck. (I may have a fever...this is going to be interesting).  

Upon searching for some "cute" (lets emphasize the word please) Halloween desserts for some inspiration this season I came across some lovely delicacies. These include a scrumptious looking "Candy Corn Cupcake", a bunch of cute "Witch Hat Cookies" and a sneaky little "Pumpkin Cake" (all names are links to the recipes).


And then...just as I am peacefully browsing through sweet recipes..the most unbelievable thing happens! These incredibly creepy and borderline OMG "treats" (those are huge air quotes!!) start popping up and rudely disrupting my sweet filled stream of goodies. I do not know who can actually handle eating "Cookies with Eyes" or "Eyeballs Stuck on a Fork"? And someone please tell me who can spend so long on a cake that ends up looking like "A Human Brain" ?? I doubt I could that is for sure.

Spooky Halloween Treats - Halloween dessert ideas

Of course all jokes aside...anything yummy and sweet will do for me at this point (the pregnancy cravings are too real). I do love going through Pinterest and finding inspiration for my own creations such as my Candy Corn Cupcake Necklace or my (and everyone else apparently) favorite Little Wicked Witch Cupcake Necklace.

Now I would love to hear your ideas on Halloween Treats. Do you prefer the cuter and sweeter treats or would you rather eat a Human Brain Cake?

Ever so Spookily...



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