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"Foodie Trends": Unicorns and Rainbows

Foodie Trends June

I have to say one of the cutest and most colorful trends lately is the Unicorn Cake trend!

I love it!

I mean who doesn't love Unicorns and cakes....and when they become one it is even better....

So naturally, I had to go ahead and find the best Unicorn Cakes the interwebs have to offer....

I have to say I love the way different people have taken one common theme and created so many different creations.

Here are some of the best classic Unicorn Cakes I found:

Unicorn Cake

Then I naturally fell into a hole of cakes, cupcakes, macarons and anything else you can imagine inspired by unicorns...

Unicorn cake inspired treats

And then I came across some incredible creations. They followed the same theme but altered the colors and reached new levels....

unicorn cakes

And that is a wrap....before I keep going and get lost in the maze that is Pinterest and Unicorns....


Bye Loves


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