Funny Gifts for this Christmas!

Funny Gifts for this Christmas!

Hello my Foodie Friends and welcome back to yet another post by yours truly ( I really need to stop saying things like that)

So we all know Christmas is coming. I mean its pretty much posted EVERYWHERE! You couldn't get away from it if you wanted to. Luckily we don't want to right?

The one thing about this season is that it is a time of love and family and friends. Its the time time of the year when we really need to feel connected to the people around us. How to we achieve this? By hanging out, arranging where you will be having something yummy for Lunch or Dinner on Christmas and of course by sharing gifts.

Now Christmas gifts don't need to be an extravagant and break the bank expensive ordeal. They can be fun and make you are your loved ones laugh. I came across some really funny ideas for gifts and really had to share them with you guys.

I mean I personally really love the "Fleece Navidad Mug"!! It is so cute and funny at the same time and considering my husbands job it is so fitting! And of course then we have the funniest spoon ever....I mean everyone is a "Cereal Killer" Right? Or you could go a little more techy and get a "Selfy Sling" , which apparently helps you hold your phone while snapping the perfect pose. Ha my aunt would love this...just saying.

Funny Gift Ideas Images

Then we have the more **high end** ideas. How about a bottle of wine made into a "chocolate pineapple"?? How awesome would that be? Or "Beer Soap"? I doubt I would like that smell but hey some people love it right? And just for the sake of sticking to my Foodie roots how about a "Sushi Pin Cushion"? You know for fun sake.

Of course we can't forget that Christmas is more about family and caring than about gifts. So don't forget to plan fun and meaningful moments before you plan gifts this year.

I will catch you guys next week....





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