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Halloween-Decked Cupcakes! (Last Halloween Post Of The Year)

Halloween October

Hello Foodie Friends! (Let's be honest it is what brings us all together)

 One of my favorite desserts as well as design ideas (keeping my job in mind at all times) have always been cupcakes... I simply love the variations they come in and the way you can eat it so easily without having an entire cake leftover.

Now the other day I was brainstorming about new blog post ideas and randomly opened up my internet browser. The last page I had visited so happened to be Pinterest (Shocking right?). My feed renewed and this cute little witch cupcake popped up. I had a brainwave and decided at that moment what I was writing about this week.

Drum roll.........Cupcakes! Specifically Halloween cupcakes...the last of the season too...(I promise we are moving on to very different and rather interesting things from next week....wink wink).

So really how is it possible that people come up with all these ideas for cupcakes? I mean you look at a mini cake and you literally take it to the next level. You can find super cute "Witch Hat Cupcakes" (that may or may not be making an appearance in my Halloween collection next year) followed by "Frankenstein Cupcakes" scars and all. And then to top it off you have "Werewolf Cupcakes" complete with fangs!

I naturally had to add some Pumpkins to the mix. This "Pumpkin Patch Cupcake" looks so sweet and this "Creamsicle Halloween Cupcake" is just beyond words. And because I strongly believe that simple is best, what about these "Pumpkin Cupcakes"??

Ahh my Halloween sweet tooth is going to have to go to sleep soon. Till next year when I start working on a certain....ahem secret....ahem project.

As always I will see you next week with a new post....Have a great Halloween with care and lots of fun....



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