Happy New Year ~ New Begginings!

Happy New Year ~ New Begginings!

Hello my lovely friends!

Happy new year! I hope the new year has found you all healthy and well!

With a new year comes fresh motivations. Everyone starts planning goals and resolutions for the new year ahead. The beginning of the year is seen as one of the best times to hit the restart button. To take a step back and start again without feeling like you gave up or failed.

2017 is an exciting year for me. Full of changes and new arrivals that are going to rock my world. My baby girl is due in early February and change is inevitable. Everything is going to somehow find a way to mold around this little yet great arrival. To be honest, one of my greatest goals and challenges of this year is to achieve a balance between becoming a mother and running a business (with all the extras, youtube, blogs, etc.).

Of course baby girl is not the only thing that will be bringing change around here.

The old and original pieces of The Faidrin Bear collections will be making their last bow and making a slow exit. Whilst new pieces and renewed collections and categories will be making their entrance....

Keep an eye on this space as it changes and evolves.

We are meant to move forward and I believe that you cannot move forward without letting go of certain things. So we will be jumping into many new things this year.....its going to be very interesting...

Until next time...


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