Its My Birthday!!!

Its My Birthday!!!

Hello my friends!

And yes you read the title correctly! Today is my Birthday! I am 26 years old and really starting to wonder where time is running to. Not that I am old or anything just I am still kind of getting used to the idea of turning 19!

I love the holiday season and of course the fact that my birthday lands right in the middle of Christmas and new years! Even though there is the minor issue of single presents because you know its easier to say here is your Christmas and Birthday Present....but what can you do!

The thing with my birthday is that it usually marks the end of the year for me and a time when I sit and evaluate my year and think about what I want to achieve in the new year. It is the perfect time for me to figure out exactly how I am going to implement all the ideas I have in my head into the things I already do....what things need to be removed and what needs to be added....

Also another thing that is really near now that my birthday has arrived is baby girls arrival! She will be here in less than 6 weeks, which feels like it is now nothing! Things are changing and we are moving ahead and molding around all that is happening.

Anyway I truly could go on for hours.....I will have a more detailed post about all the new things coming in 2017.... in the first post of the year!

Exciting things right???

Bye guys!!


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