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Life Update ~ I Had A Baby!

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Hello to all!!

I am a little too excited to be writing this post...I mean it has been at least a month since I last wrote anything.... other news I gave birth to my Baby Girl! Yay! On Wednesday the 8th of February my little one made her grand debut into this world. She was a chubby little thing at almost 4kgs but I had a good labor despite a few people telling me horror stories about big babies and c section.

Anyway....moving on from the details and avoiding the TMI situations....

It has been an incredible journey so far. I have been bonding with my baby and getting to know her. It is the weirdest thing coming home and finding everything as you left it...yet everything feels so different. I am working around this little human that now depends on me completely with utter trust.

I am slowly getting things up and running again...orders are being shipped thanks to the incredible little team that popped up after I gave birth...

So guys all the patience and support is greatly appreciated...we will get back into this one day at a time...

I will leave you guys on that note...

see you in the next one!


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