"Life Without Chocolate" : The new series that is my life!

So as it is clear to see....I haven't been keeping up to speed with my blogging game.

I know I know....I made promises that I couldn't keep. 

You would think having a baby would make me a little more aware of the things I couldn't....Right?

Yeah...not happening. I am still insisting on getting back into blogging at least once a week. I loved doing it and I will fight for that as long as I can....

Too dramatic?

Well, anyway....

I was thinking that maybe the way to get back into blogging was to make it a little more personal....you know about the things that happen when it comes to being a mommy and business owner and person in general.... :)

One of the most traumatic things that has happened to me since having my baby girl has been.......dramatic pause.....the fact that I can't eat chocolate!

Exactly due to breastfeeding the caffeine in chocolate makes baby girl very "energetic" and doesn't allow her to fall asleep. 

This leaves me with a tired, grumpy and crying baby.....walking up and down the hallways of my house, rocking her and singing to her until she finally falls asleep....

Soooo, in an effort to sleep just a tiny bit myself....I have stopped eating chocolate and generally anything that contains caffeine in any form....its just sad I know!

And coming around to what I was saying earlier.....blogging.....

I am starting a blogging series (that I hope I stick to) called "Life Without Chocolate" or "LWC" for short....

I will write about the alternatives to sweets I have been eating and the drinks I have been drinking instead of Coke.

So here is another attempt at writing...like crafting and being a mother isn't enough right?? Oh yeah, and the Youtube channels...yes with an s..plural....I have two channels :)

I will hopefully see you all in the next "LWC" installment





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