Setting Goals and Doing The Work

I am back....back again!

Blogging and I have a very sensitive and odd relationship. I am starting to realize I need to be a little more strict with myself. Consistancy is key and that is what I am sticking with this year.

Yes yes I know it is March already but just because the year begins on the 1st of January, it doesnt mean all your goals need to start at the same time.

I have taken things step by step. Starting each of my goals seperatley. Not starting work on a new goal until I had established a routine for the previous goal.

So here we are. It is finally time to tackle blogging. I mean I am enjoying creating videos (you will see them soon) but I also feel the need to write. Each goal has a testing period and than a main month focused on it and it alone. So the testing period for blogging begins now. I will test out different styles of writing and posting, until I have a nice little idea of how things will be going around here.

The key to all of this. Blogging, My Shop, Youtube and everything in between.

The Key to everything is there is no perfect. Perfection and the right time don't exist. I have removed them from my vocabulary. We are taking it step by step and striving for consitancy rather than perfection.

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