Tradtitional Christmas Desserts From All Around The World

Tradtitional Christmas Desserts From All Around The World

Hello my Foodie Friends! Can you feel it? Christmas is no longer simply in the air! You can practically feel it...No you can TASTE IT! 

I love Christmas! It is my favorite holiday of the year plus my birthday is just after Christmas on the 28th :)

So naturally as you may have guest my favorite part about Christmas is of course the food!!!!! And family and friends and all but especially the dessert. So I thought I would look into a few sweet creations of the Holidays from different countries. Considering my favorite is a Greek Christmas classic....

Where to begin? Dare I start with a Sacher Torte. A delicious Austrian Chocolate cake preferentially made around Christmas...then there is Malva Pudding, the tastiest creation of South Africa, it is a custard pudding after all! And oh my the Polvorones, for a touch of  Spanish biscuity goodness.


And then it just keeps going. You have the forever classic British Mince Pie, with its perfect fruity taste as well the German Christstollen, which just so happens to be a fruity bread dessert! And last but not favorite of all time....Melomakarona! A honey drenched biscuit made with walnut flour! It doesn't get any better than that!

Now I could go on and on and on! Trust me there are so many options when it comes to Holiday treats. But I would need several miles of post to get everything in here. So I will leave you all with these delectable goodies.

What is your favorite Christmas dessert? I would love to know....

Until next time...Bye


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