Weird Food Combinatios ~ Pregnancy Cravings!

Weird Food Combinatios ~ Pregnancy Cravings!

Hello my Foodie Friends

Welcome to yet another post by yours truly. I am really enjoying these blog posts. So the other day I had a bit of a pregnant moment. I was craving fries like there was no tomorrow and as we where heading in the direction to get those fries.....I spotted an ice cream shop! I cannot express the level of cravings that gave me (apparently baby girl can taste the things i eat i am just going to blame her).

So considering I was never a person for weird combos to the extent of Ice cream and fries I thought i would scan the interwebs and see what other odd combos are out there.

Now some of them seemed okay. Like something you could possibly consider to be within the realm of "normal" experimentation. For example, a Spaghetti and Meatballs Pizza or a Blackberry and Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

And then you come across things like my now fave, Ice cream and fries or Avocado and Chocolate (apparently it is a thing!) and oh goodness no cheese puffs with Nutella.

What is it with people eating everything with a side of chocolate these days?? I am starting to wonder...

Anyway that is all I had to say on the topic. You tell me. What other weird or interesting combos do you know and like?

Until next week my Sweets...



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