When Gingerbread Dresses Up For Halloween!

When Gingerbread Dresses Up For Halloween!

Hello Everyone!! (Yay I am here again...third consecutive post....I should probably stop this right?)

So as I mentioned in Sundays Post I love Pinterest. It is my number one go-to site for inspiration and ideas of any kind. Now one thing about Pinterest is that it will pop up with stuff you have never seen before just randomly. So as I was looking through Halloween treats last week I actually came across something I found extremely weird.....

As far as I know (and it seems I live under a rock, considering the amount of pins) gingerbread houses are linked to Christmas. The gingerbread houses that started popping up in front of my eyes though had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. 

Haunted Gingerbread Houses! I truly was looking through my feed in wonder. I mean I know I probably sound really silly (considering what I do for a living) but I was mesmerized by the incredibly "Cute Spooky House" or the yummy looking "Ghost Gingerbread House" with its purple roof and candy on top!

Cute and delicious ginger bread houses for halloween


And then like that wasn't enough I came across some truly spectacular creations. These are seriously works of art. I mean I honestly do not think I would have the heart to even take the tiniest bite out of one of these. Why are they so great?? Something that is meant to be eaten should not be allowed to look this good. I mean check out the grey walls of the "Haunted Gingerbread Castle" or the general aura of the "Haunted Gingerbread Mansion". Please tell me you wouldn't eat them either.

Spooky Haunted mansions out of gingerbread

I need to start working on Christmas and just leave these alone. Don't I?

Oh well, I will chat with you guys in the next post (and yes there will be a next post and another and another and another......infinity and blah blah) :)



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