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Eggplant Stud Earrings

Eggplant Stud Earrings

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Look totally "eggs-ellent" with these Eggplant Stud Earrings! They'll surely add a unique, cute flair to any outfit. They're the perfect way to show off your love of misunderstood veggies.

 Each stud is attached to a plastic post paired with a silicone/rubber back. The choice of plastic is simple. There are so many different issues when it comes to sensitive ears. Some people are allergic to gold and some to silver. Some are sensitive to all metals. So in order to avoid all these I chose to use plastic. They are hypoallergenic and perfect for gift since I am guessing you don't tend to question people about their ears.

 Each piece is handmade by me from scratch. Making the term "Baked from scratch" quite literal. As I personally make each piece by hand, no two are the same. All my creations are unique in their own right.  

**Care Instructions**

Please avoid using moisturizer and similar creams before handling.

Do not wear in the shower or pool.

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